Some of the services offered by Littletown.


In Littletown we highlight the importance of the English language in the academic curriculum of the little ones. For the first year your children will be in contact with native teachers learning a new language. We are aware that in the first months of their lives, our children are citizens of the world that are getting ready to learn any language. From 4 months old the children can distinguish when we talk to them in different languages.

Also they understand the meaning of words and phrases from one year old, the children have the capacity of playing sounds of any language to which they have been exposed.

In our case a constant and daily exposure. When we get older we lose the possibility of pronouncing certain sounds of the other languages of a native speaker. Also, through our system, children develop an affective relationship with the English language, adults and other children that share this way of knowledge. Bring your children to Littletown and start to chatter in English.

Counseling service.

We offer a service of phychopedagogical orientation with a custom tracking of all the children. Our objective is to give solutions to all educational needs that arise, especially in the section of infant education (0 to 3 years)

Apart from attending phychopedagogical problems and common behavioral.


In Litthetown we consider very important the good feeding of our little ones. For that reason we have a professional cook and weekly menus revised by a child nutritionist. Apart from that we have fresh produce of high quality so that our children grow up healthy and strong. .

Early morning hours.

We are aware of how complicated it can be for parents to combine our centre’s hours with their work so for that reason we have a service for ‘early birds’. Hiring this service you can bring your little ones from 7am.

Summer and Christmas school.

In Littletown you can reserve your place for our extracurricular activities such as in normal hours like in the summer or Christmas holidays. Enjoy English classes taught by native teachers for children up to 6 years old.