Our educational project.

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We understand by appropriate work program the set of activities related and based in the activity and game that helps the development of the child.

Integral education.
We promote an integral education attending all the areas of learning.

Cozy environment with the best installations.
In Littletown we try to make our little ones feel happy in a cozy peasant and motivated environment that helps with the growth and correct development.

Individual attention.
We offer individual attention to each of our pupils respecting their rhythm of development and learning ability.

Creative development.
We encourage creative skills and free expression, always in favor of the development and critical sense and autonomy in each moment.

Emotional intelligence.
We educate in the promotion of emotional intelligence and other social skills. And communicative relationship that facilitate their interpersonal relationships.

Non discriminatory Education.
We potentiate an education non discriminatory and respect 100% different individuals, sex, development capabilities and cultures.

We consider that to educate is to offer through aptitudes, situations and organization of the centre, all ways possible and materials needed so each child can develop in a global and peaceful way with all the physical capabilities, mentally and socially, From our school we offer our pupils and ambience that they can feel free and cared for, where they can attend all aspects of development like generate a space in which to explore and satisfy their curiosity for the world that they are surrounded by a direct observation.