About Littletown

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Littletown is a bilingual Infant education centre and early development for the child.

Our principal activity as teachers is to contribute to the correct development of our little ones. We are specialized in comprehensive training for children, with pupils from 4 months old to 3 years. Littletown counts on the authorization of the Minestry of education of the Valencian community.

Our education centre for children was born in 2013 with the intention to provide a new service never had in Villajoyosa until then. Another of our main dreams is to help families in the arduous task of educating and training your children in their first years of life. We believe in the reconciliation in the working life of your little ones.

Our educational project is to focus on global development in each child in all aspects, their autonomy, sociability and promoting a family/school relationship. Aside from teaching them a new language (English) and give them the possibility of new knowledge during their stay in the nursery.

Littletown has modern and spacious installations that comply with the safety regulations. The little ones enjoy a pleasant atmosphere full of stimulation with first class materials that guarantee their safety and well being at all times.

The team of Littletown.

The best and professionals that you would wish for. We present our team.
Situated in the centre of Villajoyosa, Littletown offers a new alternative for parents and children in the area.
Our main objective is to better the global development of each child in all aspects, encouraging them to be sociable and promoting a direct way the relationship of family/school.

Our education goes through training children to be happy and bilingual. We think that children who are bilingual are more open to new cultures and different thoughts.

For that reason in Littletown, English is spoken during the whole school time, so the children can learn a second language from their first steps.¡See a different and new educational project and bet for Littletown! Come and get to know us.